VOC Abatement and Solvent Recovery Solutions for:

solvent recovery gravure printing
  • Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing
  • Packaging and Gravure Printing
  • Degreasing and Manufacturing
  • Coating and Painting Processes
  • Pharmaceutical Applications


The right choice for solvent recovery

AMCEC provides design, engineering, equipment and installation of recovery systems, using activated carbon or zeolite adsorbents for solvent recovery and VOC emission control.

Li-Ion battery manufacturers, packaging printers, degreasers, pharmaceutical companies, etc. will benefit from our proven solvent recovery process which pays its way while meeting VOC compliance demands.

AMCEC's team of seasoned engineers is dedicated to providing quality engineering and services. Our goal is to design and supply high performance, cost efficient process systems that meet each client's individual requirements.

With thousands of systems in operation, more than 80 years of worldwide experience, and billions of pounds of solvent/VOC's recovered each year, AMCEC enjoys a good reputation for its conservative engineering, quality equipment and services, and is a recognized leader in the fields of vapor phase carbon adsorption and solvent recovery.

AMCEC offers

solvent recovery packaging printing
    In-situ steam and hot gas regenerated systems for:

  • Recovery of most industrial solvents
  • Recovery of NMP using a special hybrid process
  • Recovery of BTEX from refinery wastewater
  • VOC abatement
  • Recovery of VOC's from ground water/ soil
  • Treatment of landfill gas for removal of VOC's


AMCEC is a subsidiary of EUROPE ENVIRONNEMENT (www.europe-environnement.com) specializing in the engineering of air handling systems, odor treatment units and toxic gas scrubbing. The group (www.group-ee.com) includes 4 companies each providing cost effective solutions in the air pollution control field with complementary technologies.