Vapor phase VOC Abatement and Solvent Recovery


Odor Treatment (Scrubbers, Bio-filtration, Active Carbon)


Water Treatment


Air Stripping


Resin Manufacturing Reactor Systems

Amcec Inc. is now CMI Environment America, Inc.

CMI Environment America, Inc. (Amcec)

Amcec Inc. is now CMI Environment America, Inc. CMI-EA. Amcec has joined the Environment division of the Belgian CMI Group Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie, an international technology, service and equipment provider, specialized in Energy, Defense, Steel, Industry and Environment. The group which is about to celebrate its 200th anniversary has a solid international presence

VOC Abatement & Solvent Recovery

CMI-EA uses the adsorption power of activated carbon to recover organic solvents with recovery efficiencies as high as 99%.

VOC, Corrosive/Toxic Gas & Odor Treatment

CMI-EA is a leading manufacturer of wet scrubbers, bio-filters, activated carbon filters and corrosion resistant thermoplastic industrial fans.

Water Treatment

CMI-EA offers solutions for industrial waste and process water treatment.


CMI-EA also specializes in gas strippers for removal of Ammonia, CO2…

Resin Reactor Systems

CMI-EA also specializes in the design, engineering, supply and installation of process equipment for synthetic resin and polymer emulsion manufacturing plants.

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