Solvent recovery

Product-Solvent-RecoveryWe offer in-situ steam and hot gas regenerated systems for:

– Recovery of most industrial solvents
– Recovery of BTEX from refinery waste water streams
– Recovery of NMP
– Recovery of VOCs from ground water and soil remediation
– Treatment of landfill gas for removal of VOC’s



Wet Scrubber for Corrosive Gases, VOC and Odor Treatment

Wet Scrubber systems are used primarily for corrosive and harmful gases as well as for removal of VOC and odor control. This treatment solution is particularly convenient for significant air flow and high and variable pollution level.

Several designs are offered to suit the specific need of the application.
From concept to completion, our services include:

Design of exhaust air capture and extraction systems. Process and mechanical design of the wet-scrubber systems. Installation and commissioning of the systems.

Scrubber Types Offered:
– Horizontal
– Vertical
– Centrifugal
– Packed bed
– Spray tower

Bio-Filter for VOC and Odor treatmentProduct-Biofilter

Biological abatement systems operate by the dispersion of contaminated gas through a medium which supports micro-organisms that decompose the odorous and VOC compounds and use them as a nutrient. The residence time of the compounds determines how long the micro-organisms have to decompose them.

Bio-filters are particularly suited for odor removal in sewage treatment plants where there are constant contaminant loads. They are also often used in many industries for VOC removal.

We use an incompressible filter media with a low-pressure drop which allows us to design and fabricate tall filters with a reduced footprint area.The standard configuration of bio-filter Biological filters offers substantial benefits and significant cost savings. It is important to maintain a high humidity within the media bed to maximize performance.


Activated Carbon Filters for VOC and Odor Treatment

CMI-EA offers carbon filters in a range of sizes for treating low concentration VOC and odor in gas streams including H2S.








Industrial Wastewater Treatment

CMI-EA offers design and supply capabilities for Industrial wastewater, including among others :

– Surface treatment industry (zero liquid discharge or physical chemical treatments )
– Water reuse (reverse osmosis, evapo-concentration…)
– Specific biological processes solving the issues of treating difficult and wide range of effluents generated by various industries (MBBR, MBR…)
– Anaerobic digestion of sludge, fats and screening residues
– Energy recovery from agri wastes
– Leachate treatment

Process Water

CMI-EA offers design and supply capabilities for Process water.

– CMI-EA is specialized in water treatment used in Power plant including Electrochlorination, Demineralized water production…




CMI-EA also specializes in air stripping towers for stripping of Ammonia from wastewater.






Corrosion-Resistant Thermoplastic Fans


Treating gaseous pollution requires the collection of the pollutants at the source and transporting them to the point of treatment. For this we offer a large range of centrifugal plastic fans.

– VCP & VCP HP: Medium and High Pressure Fans
– Airflows from 100 cfm to 80,000 cfm
– Pressure to 20 in. w.c.
– Standard casing and impeller: PPH
– Other material available: PVC, PEHD, PPs, and PVDF
– Painted steel frames, with direct drives (ED) and belts drives (EC).

A wide range of ventilation accessories are also available made using modern 3D machining and CNC technology for the manufacture of thermoplastics accessories (up to 4 inches thick).


Resin Manufacturing Plants

Offered under license from RHE Haendel Engineering group of the Josef Meissner GMBH & Co. of Germany ( We offer cost effective solutions and innovative processes for the production of high quality synthetic resins and polymer emulsions including supply and installation of process equipment.




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