AMCEC has the exclusive worldwide license from Texaco Development Company for its patented closed loop nitrogen stripping and carbon adsorption process, to remove VOC’s such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX) from refinery desalter wastewater and industrial process water discharges. The BRU provides a cost effective solution with the following features:

– VOC recovery higher than 99 %

– No air emissions due to closed loop (no permit required)

– Safer operation with nitrogen (no explosive mixture)

– Reduction in packing fouling (no oxidation reactions)

– Valuable VOC’s recycled back to client’s process


The nitrogen stream strips the VOC’s from wastewater in a packed column and is reconditioned to maintain its relative humidity below 50% prior to being sent to carbon bed adsorbers where the VOC’s are captured. The cleansed nitrogen stream is recycled to the stripping column to complete the loop. The VOC’s are removed from the carbon beds by conventional steam desorption. The decanter desorbate is separated in two phases, with the water recycled back to the stripping column and the VOC’s recovered.