NMP is used in the manufacture of lithium ion batteries as a solvent for coatings used for the anode and cathode substrates.

The hot solvent laden air from the ovens is drawn into the AMCEC Solvent Recovery System where the NMP is recovered by a combination of condensation and adsorption. In addition to the recovery of the NMP, the AMCEC system also recovers in excess of 50% of the heat in the SLA for re-use.

The cleansed SLA is available for return to the process or discharge to atmosphere as per customer requirement. Each SRS is suitable for operation 24 hours per day.

NMP Recovery Systems Offer

An average outlet concentration of solvent at the exit of the zeolite wheels will be less than 10 ppmv, which typically corresponds to a recovery efficiency of 99%.

Recovered solvent containing less than 300 ppmw moisture (post distillation).

System will recover (for re-use in pre-heating the air going to the dryers) a minimum of 50% of the heat energy in the SLA using a specially designed heat recovery strategy.

Optional processes and equipment available for removal of other contaminants that may be present in the recovered NMP.