Conventional sample valves:
– may not be suitable to draw samples from a production vessel operated under pressure or vacuum
– may plug due to product hardening in dead spaces
– may provide non-representative samples as the result of inadequate flushing
– may be inconvenient to operate and/or pose an operator hazard when sampling hot material


The EPV 25 Sample Valve is designed and marketed by AMCEC Inc. The primary feature of the EPV 25 sample valve is a pneumatically operated piston with a sample chamber of defined volume (1 on photo below).

Before the sampling operation, the sample chamber is located inside the reactor vessel and is therefore continually immersed in the product. This immersion guarantees a representative sample. The double sealing by the circular slit metallic packing and the valve seat allows for sampling during both pressurized and vacuum operation of the reactor. By using the hand lever (5) the piston moves to the right by means of a pneumatic cylinder (6) so that the sample leaves the chamber gravimetrically at the exit nozzle (2). The valve is equipped with a sample cup holder (3), screwed to the exit nozzle suitable for the use with standard one-way cups.

For special requirements the sample valve can be equipped with a jacket for heating (4) with steam or thermal oil.



Pressure range for sampling : 0 – 10 bar effective (0-150 psig)
Sample temperature : 0 – 300 oC (32 – 575 oF)
Sample volume per stroke : 12 ml (0.4 oz)
Material :
– Product wetted parts
– O-rings
– Other parts
1.4571 (SS 316Ti)
1.4571/1.4541 (SS 316Ti/SS 321)
Connection Flange : DN25 (1″ Dia.), PN16 (ANSI 300 lbs) (will connect to existing flanges)
Installation orientation : Horizontal


AMCEC Inc. is confident that the EPV 25 sample valve will improve the operations at most resin manufacturing facilities. In many applications, AMCEC Inc. will allow the customer to try out the valve free of charge for 30 days. If the customer is pleased with the EPV 25 valve performance at the end of the 30 day trial period, the customer pays AMCEC Inc. for the valve. If the customer is not satisfied with the results, the customer may return the valve. Please contact AMCEC Inc. for details of this program.