sr16Venturi scrubbers are mainly used for particle collection and are capable of achieving higher particle collection efficiencies than packed wet scrubbing systems. As the inlet stream enters the venturi, its velocity increases greatly, atomizing and mixing with the scrubbing liquid. The atomized liquid provides a large number of tiny droplets for the dust particles to impact on. Venturi scrubbers can be effectively used as a quench, using evaporative cooling to lower incoming gas temperatures.

Most venturi scrubbers operate with in a pressure range of 20 to 60″ of water.

Venturi scrubbers can also be used for removing gaseous pollutants, however the high inlet gas velocities in a venturi scrubber result in a short contact time between the liquid and the gas phases, which reduces the contact time for the gas absorption.

sr17Because venture scrubbers have a relatively open design compared to other scrubbers, they can be used for simultaneous gaseous and particulate pollutant removal, when:

  • – Scaling of packed material is a problem
  • – High concentration of dust in the inlet
  • – Dust is sticky or has a tendency to plug
  • – The gaseous pollutant is very soluble or chemically reactive